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AI Heroes is a Dutch Artificial Intelligence consultancy based in Amsterdam and Groningen. In 2021, it has undergone a complete rebranding following a redesign of the logo.

Guess the Movie is a web AI game developed by AI Heroes in which users have to guess a movie by looking at an AI-generated impression of it.

Wisconsin Sleep Society is an American organization that acts on behalf of sleep professionals, operating for scientific and educational purposes.

HomeVault is Property Management company based in the United States. Their website has undergone a redesign with the addition of interactive maps and location features.

ForCover is a Romanian textiles manufacturer that has recently launched their online store on WordPress, using WooCommerce, with a modern team and complex functionalities. is a prospective Romanian website (online shop) for purchasing boilers and heating systems. The website is part of the network.

CJRAE is a local subsidiary of the Ministry of Education for providing counselling, support and resources for career orientation for students in middle school and high school.

Cazane & Centrale is a Romanian web store for boilers & heating systems. The company has redesigned their website in 2020 with a fresh approach.

EduPrime is a colourful educational WordPress Theme developed by ModelTheme for LMS integrations and teachers & courses management.

Pilon is a versitile WordPress Theme for industrial businesses, factories and construction companies. It is developed by ModelTheme for ThemeForest.

LazarMUN is a Model United Nations Conference organised yearly in Bucharest. The design pack included badges, placards, rollup banner & more.

YouthMUN is a Model United Nations conference organised in Galati, Romania. The designs created for the conference include badges, folders, banners, placards etc.